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DIY photo editing apps

Your guide to cheap, easy, high impact photo editing

By Jennifer Tsay, Cofounder & CEO
Wednesday Mar 25
Photo Credit: Shoott
Location: Urban Oasis

Quick touch-ups

If you’ve received your photos but wish you could just tweak the color, contrast, brightness, or even a double chin, we have some great options for you that many of our Shoott staff use for their own photos (myself included: see example photo!)

There are a number of convenient and free/affordable apps that allow you to edit photos right on your phone. In fact, we find phone-based apps are typically easier to work with versus desktop solutions. Our favorites include:


One of the quickest ways to browse through different looks. Instagram has its own, but if you want to play more, some of our favorite options include:

Photoshop fixes

Sometimes, certain angles just do not work in your favor. So for tweaking facial features or body parts, Photoshop fix is a powerful and easy tool to use. Our most-used functions include:

  • Liquify: easily select facial features to make adjustments or warp body parts to tweak them.

  • Smooth: remove unwanted texture (e.g. wrinkles) with a simple click. Click multiple times for more smoothing - just be careful to not overdo it so it doesn’t look artificial.

  • Healing: zoom in on your photo and use Spot Heal if you have small blemishes or elements you’d like to remove (small stains, acne, etc). 

Individual adjustments

Available on any photo-viewing program. The four most helpful elements to adjust for include:

  • Brightness

  • Contrast

  • Highlights

  • Shadows

These tools may take some playing around to achieve your desired look, but once you learn them, they are very effective and convenient for creating your signature style.

Need something more advanced?

Check out Shoott's retouching services for cost-effective photo editing and beauty fixes!

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