Who is Shoott and what do you offer?

What kind of photo sessions do you capture?

Shoott offers complimentary 30-minute photo sessions with a professional photographer in over 20 major US cities. Our shoots are primarily outdoor for optimal lighting, though there are covered areas where we can shoot.

Our team of talented photographers is trained to shoot all different types of portraiture and photography that help capture your best. Visiting the city and want to catch some action shots of you romping through iconic sights? Want to turn your business or dating profile photos up a notch? Did you get a fresh new haircut and want to show it off? We got you covered!

Our photographers cover a wide range photography styles including but not limited to: business headshots, acting headshots, dance shots, lifestyle, fitness, family, newborns, maternity, engagement, tourist, and more. Anything you want to shoot, we’re happy to help you capture it!

Shoott offers the unique mix that nobody else offers: high-quality photos without the high prices and an experience that you’re going to love and remember. We want you to feel good in your skin and to have those wow factor photos to reflect that. We love and respect our customers, and we believe your full Shoott experience will prove that.

Who are your photographers?

We maintain a team of professional photographers that we have vetted for strong technical skills, an impressive artistic eye, and a winning personality! We wanted to only offer the best photographers to our clients, and our team is trained to work with all different types of shots, body and skin types, and personalities and moods. Feel awkward? We totally understand and will work with whatever you bring that day!

We know how to capture your best angles no matter if you’re looking for more formal business shots, family shots, or fun lifestyle shots. You name it, we can do it and also make sure you have a ton of fun during your Shoott experience! Because we know that when you feel amazing, you look amazing.

Meet some of our photographers here!

Why is your pricing so low?

Besides helping people get great photos, Shoott deeply believes in supporting photographers. Shoott’s offer of convenient 30 minute sessions and photos from just $15 each creates demand for photo sessions that wouldn’t otherwise happen – bringing photographers back-to-back clients all in one location.

Many great photographers today spend more time searching and waiting for jobs than they do taking great photos.  Our ability to aggregate demand for our photographers allows us to pass the benefit on to our customers in the form of affordable pricing because we believe that nobody should have to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars to have amazing photos!

What if I don’t buy any photos?

It almost never happens, but you are welcome to not buy any photos from your gallery.  However, if you decide to buy 3 photos or less, before booking any future photo sessions with us, Shoott will require you to make a $75 prepayment which will be applied towards your purchase order* to financially protect our photographers and hard-working team. We would also appreciate any feedback on what we could be doing better!  This applies to our regular sessions as well as any pop-up photo events we hold!

*Please note that the $75 prepayment is non-refundable and will be deducted from your final cart amount. If you purchase less than $75 worth of photos, you will not be refunded the remaining amount of the $75.

What other services and programs do you offer?

As this point in time, we offer the following photography-related services and products:

  • Event photography.  Please submit a request with your event details.  Submission of event request does not guarantee coverage, which is contingent on photographer availability.  Events must be booked for a minimum of 1 hour and rates start at $185/hour for your first hour with subsequent hours at $150/hour.  Event photography bookings require prepayment that is fully refundable up to 5 business days prior to your scheduled event.  Any events outside of Manhattan or that occur outside of typical hours may be subject to an additional charge starting at $75 to account for time and transportation considerations.
  • Retouching: We offer retouching services for any photos you’ve purchased starting at a rate of $10/photo.  Please email your retouch requests to bookings@shoott.com.
  • Product photography – IF you have a studio, lighting, and just want a photographer to show up.  We can also provide photography for products on models (e.g. jewelry) – though models are not automatically included.
  • Corporate headshots – We send a photographer to your company (or location of your choosing) to do back-to-back sessions of your team at $225/hour.
  • Gift cards: Please click here for more info.

We do NOT offer:

  • Videography but we can recommend videographers if you’re interested!

For our customers:

  • We have an amazing refer-a-friend program that rewards you handsomely for spreading the word about Shoott because we’re loyal like that 😉 Earn 1 free photo for every friend who books and attends their session.  For every completed referral, you will receive a free download in your next gallery with us!  And if you happen to purchase your whole gallery, you’ll receive a $15 credit instead!  Click here for more information or email info@shoott.com
  • We also love our repeat customers!  Please email us at info@shoott.com for more details.
  • Are you a veteran?  After you have your session, contact us at info@shoott.com to receive a special veterans-only discount!

Is your business model actually profitable for photographers?

We’ve received a lot of inquiries about this topic and totally understand the concern at first glance. Rest assured our top priority is to make a business model that works for both customers and photographers. Currently, Shoott photographers make on average over $110/hour, with a guaranteed minimum of $80/hour. We provide them with regular work that fits their schedule and introduce them to new clients while eliminating marketing and travel costs. We also build in protections for their time and they receive fees for last minute cancellations as well as clients that are late or no-shows.  In many ways, we function like their agent to find them more gigs with less stress for them!  Feel free to send us a message if you need any more information!

Booking your session

How do I book?

Please make a booking through our form, which reflects the most up-to-date calendar of availabilities.

Our booking calendar allows you to book sessions up to at least 4-6 weeks out, so if you want something farther out, feel free to email us at info@shoott.com with your request or keep checking back in as the date approaches!

If you’re looking for a last-minute/same day session, there’s a 36 hour cutoff on the online booking system, but you can always send us a request directly to info@shoott.com to see if there is any last-minute availability, but no guarantees can be made. We promise will try our best!

Why is there a $40 charge on my credit / debit card?

After you book your session, the $40 charge you are seeing is a temporary pre-authorization hold to make sure you have the funds to cover a last-minute cancel or no-show for your session.  It should be released immediately (if you don’t see a credit, please let us know at bookings@shoott.com!)  We’ve had to institute this pre-authorization out of protection for our photographers.

Can I book at other locations than what’s listed?

You can book other locations by special request by contacting info@shoott.com or submitting a custom photography request.  There may be a travel fee that will need to be paid to secure the session of $25-60 or more, depending on the location and proximity to public transport.  You are welcome to book a specific Shoott photographer for alternative locations as your personal photographer, but their rates will no longer be Shoott rates.

Can I book back-to-back sessions?

Your 30-minute session is sufficient for one person doing multiple outfit changes, locations, and poses, we promise!

Two consecutive sessions may be good for things like a couple who also wants to take individual professional headshots as well as couple shots, or any sort of larger group that would also like to take individual shots.

Please keep in mind: If you book back-to-back sessions, your photo galleries will be split accordingly based on time, meaning you will be receiving 2 separate galleries.  Additionally, in the case that you book back-to-back sessions, you will be asked to prepay $75 for each additional session you book. The $75 will be applied to your purchase*.

*Please note that the $75 prepayment is non-refundable and will be deducted from your final cart amount. If you purchase less than $75 worth of photos, you will not be refunded the remaining amount of the $75.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! We totally encourage you to bring a friend or a pet or anyone that makes you happy and may want to appear in photos with you or even just come along for emotional or physical support. Please keep in mind that while our outdoor sessions do not have limitations in terms of party size, many of our indoor studios can only host a certain amount of people for a shoot.

Preparing for your session

Pets and Props

Please note, if you’d like to bring pets and/or props (notably smoke bombs), please check with the location authority (your location details can be found in your booking confirmation email) to verify whether or not it is permitted in advance of your session.

What should I wear?

Wear something that makes you feel your best! We recommend bringing multiple outfits or options so you get the most out of your session and leave with variety in your gallery!

Light outfit changes are encouraged, which can be achieved with items that are easily layered (examples include: tops, jackets, vests, scarves, hats, etc). Shoes and accessories like glasses, sunglasses, jewelry, purses, and belts can also be easily swapped. You can also start hair-up and then go hair-down or vice versa!

Some of our clients love big outfit changes, which we’ll also accommodate. In that case, we recommend that you bring a large full-length towel or blanket that our photographer can hold in front of you to change quickly. We want you to feel comfortable, so if you need to find a bathroom to change, that’s fine as well – but we recommend the towel route so you don’t waste too much time changing!

We recommend trying on your full outfits in the mirror just to double check that you like how you look and that you feel comfortable! When in doubt, maybe avoid any super-loud prints since you don’t want your clothing to upstage your face!

What do I need to bring?

Your sessions are outdoors so make sure you bring seasonally appropriate things so you’re comfortable! We always recommend bringing water to stay hydrated, sunblock to protect your skin, perhaps a snack to keep your blood sugar from dropping.

We encourage you to bring accessories and props to get the most out of your session!
Prop-wise, things that can be fun (and feel free to think outside the box!): wigs, glasses, bubbles, confetti, balloons, instruments, athletic equipment, etc.

If you are shooting with an infant or a young child, we recommend bringing their favorite toy, blankets, and things that they enjoy that will also grab their attention so the photographer will more successfully capture them looking towards their desired direction. For infants, it may help to have toys that make a noise as well.

If you are shooting with a pet, we recommend bringing treats, water, and their favorite toy (we know a lot of dogs love squeaky toys!) to help our photographers capture their best angles as well! Having poop bags on hand is also recommended 🙂

Do you provide hair and makeup?

Currently, we do not provide hair and makeup services, so come camera-ready with your hair and makeup done how you like! Most of our clients self-style and they look fantastic. But if you want to get your makeup or hair professionally done, go for it! A good blow out never hurt anyone.

What if the weather is bad?

Shoott typically works rain or shine, so if you are not willing to be photographed in rain, snow or other various elements, please proactively cancel your session before 10:00am 2 days prior to your scheduled shoot. Failure to cancel will be taken as a willingness to be photographed in these elements (and truthfully – oftentimes yields really amazing shots!)

  • If it’s really hot and sunny – our photographers will help find shaded areas that work!
  • If it’s really overcast – believe it or not, overcast skies are amazing for photo shoots so don’t be afraid of cloud cover ruining things.
  • If it’s raining – rain can be amazing for achieving moody or dramatic shoots. Also working with props like umbrellas, a cute poncho, or rain boots can make for a totally fun session!  That being said, if you are uncomfortable shooting in the rain, you must proactively cancel your session by 10:00am, 2 days before your session so please be on top of checking the weather since late cancellations, even if it’s due to rain, will still be subject to our cancellation policy.
  • If it’s chilly – make sure you have things that will keep you warm enough to still enjoy your shoot – scarves, gloves, hats, thick socks, etc.

Your photographer will be able to make the best of all kinds of weather!

That being said, in the case of severe weather (lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and other acts of God) – we will proactively cancel your session out of consideration for your and your photographer’s safety!

What is your lateness policy?

We strongly recommend planning to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to account for any transportation issues, etc.  If you are running late, please text or call your photographer immediately to let them know!

If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be charged a $20 penalty. Your photographer will work for the remainder of your allotted session timeframe, and subject to their schedule, they can extend if there’s availability, but please note that an extension is not guaranteed.

If you are more than 25 minutes late, you will be considered a no-show and will be charged a $40 penalty. Depending on your photographer’s schedule and availability, you may still have a shoot, but it is not guaranteed. As a no-show, Shoott will require a $75 booking fee for any future bookings where the fee will be applied towards the purchase from your next booking*.

Our photographers are instructed to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their session time, but in the case that they are running late, they will still honor your entire booked session length (unless you prefer an abbreviated session). Please let us know if your photographer is late, and we will apply a discount to your session of 10%. If your photographer is late and you cannot shoot for your entire scheduled session length due to limitations within your schedule, please notify us at info@shoott.com and we will work to figure out a solution that you’re comfortable with.

*Please note that the $75 prepayment is non-refundable and will be deducted from your final cart amount. If you purchase less than $75 worth of photos, you will not be refunded the remaining amount of the $75.

Shoott photographers

Who will my photographer be?

Your photographer will reach out to you the morning of your session.  We suggest submitting any requests during the time that you book your session and that will be communicated with your photographer!  Once they get in touch with you, feel free to continue the conversation to let them know what you’re looking for and make sure you’re on the same page!

A note on tipping: You are under no obligation to tip but have the option of providing a tip if you feel that you’ve received exceptional service.  Cash tips are great or you can ask for their Venmo / Paypal account!

Can I request a specific photographer?

At this point in time, no. Our photographer availabilities are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed, but we promise we’ve selected only the best so you’re in great hands no matter who you get!

What if I want to book my photographer again?

If you want to book with the same photographer again, please reach out to us at info@shoott.com.

Can I apply to be a photographer?

Yes! Click here to find out how.

Your Shoott session gallery

When will I be able to view my photos?

Your gallery of 40+ photos will be processed and sent to your provided email within 3-5 business days following your session. If you experience any delays, please feel free to reach out to our team at info@shoott.com.  Please note that the gallery size of 40+ photos only applies if you are on time to your session.

Do I own my photos?

Yes you have full rights to the photos you purchase.

When you receive your gallery, you are provided with multiple options to keep your photos private (in your gallery info tab, and at checkout!).  If you do not choose to keep them private, Shoott and our partners may post photos taken during Shoott sessions on our website or social media platforms for the sole purpose of marketing. Our photographers may also use the photos in their personal portfolio.

Please note that you own rights only to photos that you purchase.  You may not post or distribute photos that you have not yet purchased, even with the presence of a watermark.  If it is discovered that a Shoott photo is being used that has not been purchased, you will be asked to remove the photo and if you refuse to comply within 24 hours, you will be charged $40 per photo.

How will I get my photos?

You will receive an email once your gallery is ready for viewing. Your gallery will be online and will feature your high-resolution photos.

Your gallery will be shareable and will also allow you to select favorites as well. You can select photos to purchase and the high-resolution photos will be available for download following your purchase. We do not offer printed photos at this point in time.

How long will I be able to access my gallery?

From the time your gallery is sent to you, you will have 7 days to view, share, and select your photos for purchase. If you require an extension, please contact us at info@shoott.com.

What is your refund policy?

The photos that you see in your gallery are the photos that you will be able to download (without watermark) once purchased.  Once photos are purchased, refunds are no longer allowed.

Rescheduling or cancelling your session

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule?

For all regularly booked sessions (i.e. sessions booked via the website): We totally understand that life happens and sometimes you’ll need to reschedule or cancel your session. Out of respect for our photographers and other customers, any changes to your session (this includes cancellations and reschedules to a future date) must be made by 10am two days prior to your current session. You may easily cancel or reschedule your session via the self-manage page (link found in booking confirmation email). You may also email info@shoott.com to cancel your session.

Please note that in the case that any customer reschedules or cancels after the timeframe listed above, they will be charged a $40 late cancellation fee.

For custom sessions (i.e. sessions booked outside of the website offering): Out of respect for our photographers that hold their schedule for your session, we ask that you notify us by 10:00am THREE days before your scheduled session if you need to cancel or reschedule for a full refund.  Anything rescheduled after that timeframe will include a $50 penalty.  Anything cancelled after that timeframe will forfeit the entire deposit.  In order to cancel or reschedule a custom session, you will need to email info@shoott.com with your request.

Shoott loves providing our customers with quality photos and a fun experience! That being said, out of respect to our photographers and our hard-working team, we cannot financially sustain working with clients who repeatedly cancel or reschedule sessions last minute (thus blocking slots from other potential clients) or don’t show up to their sessions and leave photographers waiting for them. Therefore, for anyone who late cancels or is a no-show, Shoott will require a $75 prepayment for any future bookings that will be applied towards the purchase from your next booking*.

For prepaid gallery and gift card sales: If you are a no-show, you will forfeit the value of your gallery and it can not be applied towards any future purchase.

*Please note that the $75 prepayment is non-refundable and will be deducted from your final cart amount. If you purchase less than $75 worth of photos, you will not be refunded the remaining amount of the $75.

Why was my session cancelled?

In order for us to maintain our scheduling, we require our clients to confirm their sessions via text and/or email (you’ll be contacted both ways).

We try not to cancel our clients’ sessions, but in the case that a client has not been reachable and has not confirmed their session by the requested times provided in their texts and emails, our system will automatically cancel your session out of consideration to our photographers and other customers.

If you’ve requested a booking but are subject to a $75 prepayment fee (due to a prior late reschedule/cancellation or a previous session for which you did not purchase photos), if you do not provide the booking fee by the requested deadline, your session will be cancelled.

If you still feel you have been wrongly cancelled, please reach out to us at info@shoott.com. Please keep in mind that our regular customer service hours are Monday – Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm.

Are there any situations where Shoott may refuse bookings?

Shoott loves providing our customers with quality photos and a fun experience! That being said, out of respect to our photographers and our hard-working team, we cannot financially sustain working with clients who repeatedly cancel and re-schedule sessions last minute, or who have sessions without purchasing photos. Therefore, for any client who cancels sessions last-minute or simply doesn’t show up, or who only purchase 3 or less photos or no photos from a given session, Shoott will require a $75 booking fee for any future bookings where the fee is applied towards the purchase from your next booking*.

Our photographers also reserve the right to refuse shooting anything that would make them personally uncomfortable or anyone who treats them with disrespect.

*Please note that the $75 prepayment is non-refundable and will be deducted from your final cart amount. If you purchase less than $75 worth of photos, you will not be refunded the remaining amount of the $75.