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Booking multiple sessions

When to book multiple sessions

Where possible and practical, we encourage booking only one session at a time. Our standard 30 minute format is sufficient for multiple outfit changes and poses, we promise!

Two consecutive sessions may be good for cases like larger groups that would also like to take individual shots, or families with special needs.

Prepayment is required

If you already have sessions booked with us and attempt another, you will be asked to make a prepayment that can then be applied to a number of photos from your gallery. The prepayment amount depends on the number of upcoming bookings you already have:

  • 1 session already booked: $75 (=5 prepaid photos)

  • 2+ sessions already booked: $120 (=8 prepaid photos)

Your prepayment is non-refundable and will be deducted from your final cart amount in your gallery. If you purchase less than the prepayment amount worth of photos, you will not be refunded the remaining amount.

How it works with galleries

If you book back-to-back sessions or multiple sessions, you will be receiving separate galleries for each 30 minute session.

Package discounts will be applied on a per-gallery basis. This means that if you like 5 photos from one gallery and 5 photos from another, you will not qualify for our 10+ photo discount pricing as they are from different galleries.

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