Photo Editing Policy

The photos in your digital gallery will be lightly edited – i.e. basic color-correction, cropping, and lighting adjustments – as a complimentary service from your photographer. It does NOT include any photoshop image manipulation of objects, faces, bodies or clothing (i.e. retouching). Please keep in mind our photographers are individual artists so there will be some variation between photographers, but to get a sense of the range of editing you will receive, please view photos on our website and Instagram.

If you would like any adjustments to the editing after receiving your gallery, this can be done for an additional fee of:

  • $10 per photo per iteration for purchased photos, or
  • $50 per iteration for full gallery purchases

Shoott will not re-edit any photos prior to purchase.

As a gentle reminder, our sessions are free and there is no obligation to purchase; we are able to provide you our per photo price point because we allow our photographers to lightly-edit in the style they are most skilled at. Editing is a time-consuming process, so we cannot re-edit indefinitely or re-edit free of charge for purchases that are less than the full gallery.