Refer a Friend, Get a Free Photo!

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10% off orders of 5+ photos from their session

You get...

A free photo for every completed session!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my referral link?

After booking a session with us, you’ll receive a unique referral link that you’ll find on the bottom of most emails and in the ‘info’ page of your gallery. If you need a reminder, please email and we’ll help you out!

Is there a limit on how many friends I can refer?

No! The more the merrier!

What if my friend cancels their session?

If your friend cancels the session, you will not receive credit for that session. Credits are only earned upon the successful completion of a session.

How long do my free photo credits last?

Photo credits will expire 365 days after they are earned!

Can I apply free photo credits to any kind of session?

Free photo credits can be applied to any sort of portrait session (event photography not included).

How do I know how many free photos I’ve earned?

Just email us at and we’ll let you know!

Can I use my referral link for custom sessions and pop-ups too?


How do referral credits work with discount codes?

If you booked your session with a discount/promo code and also have outstanding referral credits:

For full-gallery purchases, each referral credit reduces the total gallery cost by $15 per photo.  The maximum amount of credits you can apply to a single gallery is 8 credits, at which point your gallery will be completely free!

Discounts requiring a minimum purchase size apply to photo orders net of referral credits, e.g.

  • for discounts applying to orders of 5+ photos, if you have 2 photo credits, your total cart must include 7+ photos in order for the discount to apply
  • in order to access 10 photos for $120, if you have 2 photo credits, your total cart must include 12+ photos for the $12/photo pricing to apply