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Weather policy

Shoott typically works rain or shine, so if you are not willing to be photographed in rain, snow or other various elements, please proactively cancel your session by 10:00am 2 days prior to your scheduled shoot. Failure to cancel will be taken as a willingness to be photographed in these elements (and truthfully – oftentimes yields really amazing shots!)

If it’s really hot and sunny

– our photographers will help find shaded areas that work!

If it’s really overcast

– believe it or not, overcast skies are amazing for photo shoots so don’t be afraid of cloud cover ruining things.

If it’s raining

– rain can be amazing for achieving moody or dramatic shoots. Also working with props like umbrellas, a cute poncho, or rain boots can make for a totally fun session! That being said, if you are uncomfortable shooting in the rain, you must proactively cancel your session by 10:00am, 2 days before your session so please be on top of checking the weather since late cancellations, even if it’s due to rain, will still be subject to our cancellation policy.

If it’s chilly

– make sure you have things that will keep you warm enough to still enjoy your shoot – scarves, gloves, hats, thick socks, etc. Your photographer will be able to make the best of all kinds of weather!

That being said, in the case of severe weather (lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and other acts of God) – we will proactively cancel your session out of consideration for your and your photographer’s safety!

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